Compliance Services

Everything you need for your business to be compliant.

(Pty) Ltd Registration

We need your (1) ID Copy / Passport; (2) Home or Business Address in SA (3) 4 x Proposed Names & (4) Your Contact Details (Email Address & Phone Number). That is all we need to register your company within 24-hours – or your money back!

CIPC Annual Returns

Annual returns is the tax levied by CIPC to keep the company`s registration active. Failure to pay results in penalties and eventually deregistration.

CSD Registration

At Sharna Enterprise we Register companies on the CSD portal within 24 Hours for only R350. 

Public Officer Appointment

A Public Officer is the representative taxpayer for a company which means they are contact person of the company for tax purposes. 


Co-Op Registration

A Co-op is a registered legal entity which is owned and run by its members. Each member has one vote regardless of how many shares they own which makes it more democratic in terms of managing the company.

Non - Profit Registraton

A Non-profit company is an entity established for the good of a community.  It does not have shareholders but beneficiaries and sometimes, Members.

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