Beneficial Ownership Filing Service


Sharna Enterprise’s Beneficial Ownership Filing Service provides a cost-effective solution for compliance with South Africa’s Beneficial Ownership regulations, priced at only R500. Our expert team handles the entire filing process, ensuring accuracy and security while saving you time and avoiding penalties.

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Secure Your Compliance with Sharna Enterprise’s Beneficial Ownership Filing Service – Only R500!

Are you looking to ensure your business is compliant with South Africa’s new Beneficial Ownership regulations without breaking the bank? Look no further! Sharna Enterprise offers a streamlined Beneficial Ownership Filing Service for only R500, designed to meet all regulatory requirements while saving you time and hassle.

Why Choose Our Beneficial Ownership Filing Service?

Affordable Compliance: At just R500, our service is the most cost-effective solution available. We provide full compliance with the latest South African legislation, ensuring your business avoids costly fines and penalties.

Expert Assistance: Our experienced team is well-versed in Beneficial Ownership regulations and is dedicated to providing accurate and timely filings. We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.

Time-Saving: Avoid the lengthy process of understanding and filing Beneficial Ownership information yourself. Our service is quick, efficient, and designed to let you focus on running your business.

Confidential & Secure: Your business data is safe with us. We follow strict confidentiality protocols and secure all your sensitive information.

Comprehensive Service: Our service includes a thorough review of your ownership structure, preparation of necessary documents, and filing with the appropriate authorities. We ensure that all details are meticulously managed.

How It Works:

Document Preparation: We prepare all necessary documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Filing: We submit your Beneficial Ownership information to the relevant authorities.

Confirmation: You receive a confirmation once the filing is complete.

What Documents are Needed?

For each owner, you need to provide:

  • Mandate to lodge signed by all directors (we will provide the letter).
  • Share register (If you don’t have one, we can help you create it.)
  • Certified copies of all shareholder ID documents.


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